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Will Global Warming Effect Agriculture?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

The effects on agriculture are already visible. Climate change means first of all extreme weather conditions during the period of its variations. Heat waves, less rain, flooding, and storms are just one of many result.

Water and sunlight are most important in agriculture. We can't force the sun to shine, but we can force the water to stay. Really?

Biotech makes it possible to react to intense climate changes. An Austrian team of scientists had the breakthru in 2014.

After years of research, they found a way to bind moisture permanently to the roots of plants and other organic substances, which reduces the water consumption in agriculture by 50% — countries like Saudi Arabia with a huge agriculture production but not enough water benefit of such solutions. Only Saudi Arabia could save 11.5 Km2 freshwaters each year (11.500.000.000.000 litre).

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