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AquaSatis - A Game Changer in Irrigation?

Updated: Jan 18

One single golf course in the middle east needs approx 2 Million litre water each year to keep its grass green. This amount equals 135.000 full bathtubs. 60% of the water consumption in cities like Dubai is used for landscaping and greening. In contrast,

it rains 5 days a year. Hotels with its beautiful flowers, palms and greeneries consume incredible amounts of water. Most of the water however never reaches the plants. High temperatures let the water evaporate before it ever reaches the root zone of the plant. This puts plants under constant stress and creates huge water bills. High energy cost due to desalination systems and extremely aggressive waste (brine) harms the environment of such holiday destinations.

A product called AquaSatis is the game-changer in such regions. A product which is able to attract humidity and makes it available to the plants. It converts air moisture to water droplets and binds it to the plant's root zone which creates constant access to water. This method saves 50% of water and saves furthermore electricity and desalination waste. Humidity gives access to high-quality water and it's accessible all around the year. With up to 90% humidity in the summertime, sustainable growth in regions with less rain is possible with the right water management technologies.