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Freylit - OWS Systems partners with Almagar Group 3EC and ENEKIO to enter the Saudi Market.

After an exciting month in Riyadh and Jeddah, a final agreement took place to promote OceanShields in Saudi Arabia. The protection of Saudi Arabia's natural islands and untouched beaches is the main focus of OceanShields. Freylit OWS Systems is using an established technology which can respond to any size of an oil spill and enables us to be 95% faster than conventional methods. The oil-water separation process takes place on spot and works without the use of chemicals which finally takes the security of our environment to the next level

In collaboration with Almagar Group 3EC and ENEKIO Corp., OceanShields are planned to be strategically placed on Saudi Arabian coastlines to protect the waters of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf from oil spill scenarios and therefore support future tourism projects in the region. Natural islands, coral Reefs and untouched beaches at the Red Sea are part of giga projects which plan to become the most sustainable projects in the world. These ambitions will be protected by OceanShields, so the plan.

Dr. Ali Almagar (r) and David Paulson (l) in Jeddah