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Agrosol Liquid - VISION 2050 

How we will feed 9.7 billion people in the future

Agrosol Liquid (Austrian Patent) is the next revolution in agriculture since NPK. It allows plants to double photosynthesis. This process results in increased yield. Scientists of free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) proved in experiments from around the world that the increase of CO2 stimulates plant growth and increase the intake of Agri nutrients.  Agrosol Liquid is the only solution worldwide which increases C02 in open fields.

MULTI - Biotech Revolution in Agriculture

A new cultivar of strains of bacteria, which are UV-resistant and resistant to light, cold and heat. 

  • It binds nitrogen from the air and stores this in the ground in an organic form available to the plants, which does not wash out.

  • It makes nutrients, e.g. phosphorous and potash, which are fixed in the soil, available to the plants.

  • It decays and breaks down crop remains, including the fungal spores and pathogens contained in it.

  • It increases humus content, soil health and pH value and encourages earthworms.

  • It increases the health, quality, root growth and yield of the plants

  • When applied regularly, it increases and maintains the pH value of the soil.


AQUAsatis - Its Time to Face the Reality

Humans are forced to share 1% of the world's water. Droughts, global warming and less rain in many regions are forcing humans to search for biological solutions to find the answer to water scarcity.  

AQUAsatis is a biological water-management product used in agriculture. It converts air moisture back to water droplets and makes it available to the plant roots which results in immediate water savings of 50% and more. Since AQUAsatis is a liquid, the application is easy and useable worldwide.  


The OceanShield has been developed to provide an efficient and economical solution to remedy oil spills in a short amount of time. Its the only technology which separates the oil-water mixture straight on spot. The technology is based on vertical & horizontal, oleophilic, non-rottable, corrugated coalescent plates. The separation process reduces the output oil concentration down to below 5ppm, which makes it the fastest, most effective and cost-efficient method on the market.



  • Consultancy to governments and projects on setting up sustainability regulations and policies. 

  • Up-scaling of sustainable projects and products